World of Warcraft TBC Skinning Levelling Guide


Skinning is of the primary profession category that allows you to skin scales, leather, or hides off the fallen corpses of mobs. It’s quite similar to real-life since you can only skin particular creatures, such as Dragonkin, Boards, Wolves, Nerubians, Silithid, and Humanoids. The materials that are obtained after Skinning can be used to make recipes for Leatherworkers to train their professions, and on occasions, the materials can also be used by Blacksmiths, Tailors, and Engineers.

TBC: Skinning Necessities

First off, visit your respective Skinning trainers and learn the art of Apprentice Skinning. Balthus Stoneflayer, located in Iron Forge (Alliance), and Thuwd, located in Orgrimmar (Horde) would be the best option to head towards. In any case, you are looking for their precise location, you can walk up to a central city guard and they’ll mark the location on your world map.

Don’t forget to purchase a Skinning Knife from any Leatherworking supply vendor, who can be found nearby your respective trainers, or you can try the general store vendors. You don’t have to equip the knife, and you just have to simply carry one in your bag, because without it, you won’t be able to skin the creature.

Enchanting your gloves with the Formula called Enchant Gloves Skinning is highly recommended, because that way, you can skin an enemy a level higher than where you currently stand. Also, note that if the mob is either red or orange, then a skill up is not guaranteed.

Levels 1 to 75

You cannot skin the beasts at the starting area because that place is basically for players with character levels 1 to 6, and you can’t have any profession until you reach level 5.

Horde: You can start at the Sen’Jin village, located in Duratar, and then make your way to Orgrimmar while skinning the beasts on your path. After that, visit your respective trainer and learn Journeyman Skinning.

Alliance: Start at level 1 by making a circle around the lake that is located near Iron Forge, and once you reach level 50, visit your respective trainer to learn Journeyman Skinning. You can continue to level your Skinning further after that by moving towards Loch Modan to reach level 75.

Levels 75 to 155

Horde: From level 75 onwards, skin the creatures that you find along the path to Camp Taurajo, and make sure that you’re at level 125 Skinning before reaching the camp. Locate Dranh there and learn the art of Expert Skinning. After that, head towards the direction of the Thousand Needles, while continuing to skin the creatures on the way.
Alliance: You need to follow the path that is shown in the picture until you have reached level 115 Skinning, and then you can change your direction and head towards the Wetlands. You may come across a few beasts nearby wetlands that you won’t be able to skin due to a lower professional level. Once you’re at 115, follow the river that can be seen in the picture, while skinning the creatures on the way to reach around level 140 Skinning by the time you reach the location called Menethil Harbor. After that, go to the Flight Master and fly to Iron Forge, where you will have to locate your respective trainer and learn the art of Expert Skinning. Now, fly back to the Wetlands and continue until level 155, for this wow TBC skinning guide.

Levels 155 to 205

Horde: To cover these levels, you must follow the path shown in the picture, and make sure that you have at least level 205 skinning before you leave the Thousand Needles region. After reaching the required level, head to Taanaris and fly to Camp Mojache, which is located in Feralas. You will find Kulleg Stonehorn there, who will be able to teach you the art of Artisan Skinning.

Alliance: From levels 155 to 170, you need to follow the path shown in the picture, and after that, you can head to the orange one from levels 170 to 205, as there are high-level raptors residing there. Once you’re at level 205 Skinning, travel to Iron Forge and learn the art of Artisan Skinning.

Levels 205 to 300

These levels can be covered by both the factions, where you have to skin mobs around Camp Mojache from levels 205 to 230. After that, travel to the Yeti Cave and follow the path shown on the map from levels 230 to 260 (skin along the way). If there’s someone farming the cave, you can head to the south region to kill Hippogryphs. Once you’re at level 260, start following the 260 to 280 paths, and then switch by flying to the Un’goro Crater to cover the rest of the levels from 280, for this skinning levelling guide.

The Burning Crusade

Since we are at the TBC section now, you can learn the Skinning skill from the Master Skinning trainers located in the Outlands. Horde faction players have to head to Thrallmar and locate Moorutu, whereas Alliance faction players have to head to the Honor Hold to locate Jelena Nightsky. Alternatively, both the factions can learn it from Seymour, who is located in Shattrath City, for this skinning levelling guide.

Levels 300 to 330

You can start by skinning the Starving Helboars that are wandering around Zeth’gor to cover the first five levels, and then switch to skinning Deranged Helboars to cover the next five. Once you’re at level 310, head to the final area shown on the map to start skinning Razorfang Hatchlings and Razorfang Ravagers until you reach level 330 Skinning, for this WoW TBC skinning guide.

Levels 330 to 375

Start by killing and skinning Clefthoofs and Talbuks as marked in the picture, until you reach level 360. After that, you can skin any mob in The Burning Crusade zones, so the rest is up to you to decide which path you’re going to choose to cover the rest of the levels. Good luck!

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