What Are the Advantages of Each Class in World of Warcraft?

While playing World of Warcraft, I’ve pretty much discovered that each different class of character has select weaknesses and advantages which makes them great for different types of situations. Certain classes of characters tend to be better versus other players, and some classes tend to be really good versus the environment, or aggro and questing, etc.
My main character is a rogue, so I know quite a bit about them. Rogues are best for pvp, and they are definitely a character which were built in use for pvp. They’re great for pvp because of their stealth, surprise attacks, and stuns. They can take down targets before they even get the chance to attack back. Although these characters have light armor, they can take down anything in a small matter of time if you plan out your attacks correctly.

I’ve also played several hunters, in fact my first toon was a hunter. Hunters seem to be extremely great for pve, or for attacking the things in the environment. They’re extremely fast for leveling because their have their pets and can attack aggro after aggro without even being attacked. They’re fast for leveling, and great for pve. However, I’ve noticed that these toons do quite well in pvp as well, they’re definitely good for raiding because of their tracking. These toons are pretty much great in a few ways all together.

Warlocks are similar to hunters in almost everyway, they’re great for pve because of their summons, and are extremely fast leveling in comparison to a few other classes because of this fact. Warlocks are also great in pvp, and are normally one of the highest damage causers in a pvp match, especially arena where they can control their opponents in a much more effective manner.

Warriors in my mind are a class that are pretty much hard all together. They’re great for instances because they make some awesome tanks with the proper specs. But I find it extremely hard to level with warriors, and they’re decent in pvp. This is probably a bit bias though, I haven’t given warriors much of a chance.

Shamans seem to do well in both pve and pvp. They do well in pve because they can stop fighting, heal themselves, and continue taking down more aggro.

Druids are very similar to shamans, however it seems druids can have higher dps with different builds and specs before making it to the higher levels.

Mages are quite hard for pve. But they’re also killer in pvp, and especially in instances. They’re about the highest dps in the game, and are awesome because their can use mana to conjure their own food and water. This can save you and your party tons of money in the long run. If you can find a mage to make you some food and water, it’s definitely an awesome feeling. Mages are quite soft until like level 50, that’s when I think they start getting a bit easier to use. By soft I mean that they can’t take hits for anything. Once you get better gear they get a bit easier.

These are the main classes that I’ve had experience with. The other classes are less specific to me. I mean, I think that the remaining classes seem to be quite balanced and great for everything so long as you know how to use them properly.

One more tip; check out the wow armory to find the best equipment for your character at any given time! This is great for keeping your character geared fully.

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