New World Builds: Great Axe & Warhammer


The Whirlwind Great Axe & Warhammer Build centers around inflicting immense AOE damage, while crowd controlling and containing the opponent. It’s a PVE and PVP build, which isn’t only reliable in terms of questing and PVP, but also in expedition scenarios. It offers some of the highest AOE DPS in the game, and if you’re looking for something similar, then the following guide is perfect for you.

Working of the build

You’ll start off by utilizing Path of Destiny to attack the distant enemies before they close in and engage their target, for the New World Whirlwind. You will then use Gravity Well to trap the target and pull them together, followed by Charge to get you into the range of utilizing melee. After that, it’s all about using Maelstrom to AOE them, which is before swapping into your War Hammer and casting Shockwave to stun the targets, followed by Clear Out to send each one of them flying.

It’s a deadly combo, which more or less works the same in an expedition, as well as PVP scenarios. Besides being capable of withstanding and clearing medium to large groups, it also effectively works in 1 Vs 1 combat because Great Axe & Warhammer are both powerful weapons.


Both the weapons scale outstandingly with Strength, so that’s what you need to focus on to increase your overall damage for this New World Whirlwind. Since you’ll mostly be in a melee range, you will be getting hit more often so it’s also a wise decision to add some attribute points into the Constitution to increase the chances of survivability, for New World War Hammer.

Great Axe Skills


Charge allows you to close the gap between your target, and it’s a must-have skill for PVP battles. After you Gravity Well your target, you can utilize Charge to get in range and finish them off. It’s good to use against bosses you have moved away from your range or are attacking from a distance for the New World Great Axe.

Gravity Well

Gravity Well throws an axe, which then creates an orb to slow down and damage the target caught in it. It helps to group up the enemies so that you and your party members can AOE them down, and in PVP scenarios, it can help stop the opponent from escaping your grasp.


Maelstrom is the best AOE skill to have, and once you have upgraded it to its extent, then you can hit twice with the New World Great Axe. The best thing about this skill is that you don’t have to aim, you can use the skill without thinking while fighting an enemy who you can’t easily land a hit on.

Warhammer Skills

Path of Destiny

Path of Destiny isn’t that important to utilize, but you can opt for what you like. The reason why it’s on the list is that it permits you to AOE from a distance, while you approach closer and land hits on them. It offers a little more AGGRO than if you don’t utilize it.


Shockwave is another AOE taunt, which also stuns the enemy target, preventing from causing any unnecessary damage to the party members. It’s a good ability to utilize when you’re around by enemies full of AGGRO, as well as to gain distance to get back on track when the target is stunned.

Clear Out

Clear Out sends enemies flying backward and deals plenty of damage at the same time. It’s a good skill if you want to end your rotation as it permits you to single out a target while separating the other when there are multiple enemies attacking you. Being a part of the AOE category, the damage inflicted from a single attack is simply insane.

Weapons & Armor

The only two weapons you need to look out for in this build are a Great Axe and Hammer to maximize the damaging scale, for New World War Hammer. Don’t only look at the gear score because both the weapons scale with the Strength attribute. Besides that, look for Crit Chance, alongside Light & Heavy attack damage as Critical Hits are not always guaranteed when against an enemy. In the gem slot, you can consider adding an Emerald to increase the potential again on low health targets, or a Jasper to increase the damage after you’ve taken consecutive damage.

Considering Heavy Armor for this build is a good approach. Faction Reputation points aren’t hard to get, and it comes with a lot of added bonuses, so consider using the armor for early content when you haven’t still run an expedition. Heavy Armor allows you to heal through the damage when running an expedition or in PVP situations, and it also offers better protection than the other two variants, so consider wearing all the pieces.

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