NBA 2K10 Cover Athlete Will Be Kobe Bryant

The NBA 2K10 Cover Athlete will be Kobe Bryant, according to a web-site claiming inside knowledge on the game. It’s a sound choice by 2K Sports, and one that certainly won’t hurt sales of the game. The announcement for NBA 2K10 won’t come officially until the first game of the 2009 NBA Finals, but of course with advertising at stake, this isn’t something that they could keep from leaking to the internet early. This will be the 10th season of NBA 2K and it makes this a big release, thus choosing a player like Kobe Bryant to represent them makes business sense.
The advertisement for NBA 2K10 is directed by Spike Lee, who has himself become a big celebrity within the NBA for his devotion to the New York Knicks. It has been noted that he will also appear in the commercial, and that it will talk about Kobe Bryant being selected. That’s not the end of the blitz for the NBA 2K20 cover though, as there will be a contest to decide what pose Kobe Bryant will be taking. Fans will be able to log on to the 2K Sports side and vote for their favorite, which includes a very comedic “joke” depiction of Kobe Bryant in a New York Knicks uniform.

Those close to basketball know that Kobe Bryant becomes a free agent at the end of the 2010 season, and can then sign with any team he chooses. The New York Knicks had expressed interest in bringing him on, and Bryant had never denied being interested in going there. It probably won’t ever happen though, so Laker fans can rest easy, and enjoy the joke for what it is. The voting will be open from June 4th until June 15th, and will help select the exact photograph that ends up appearing on the cover of NBA 2K10. Soon after that, the game will go on sale around the world.

Kobe Bryant currently has his Lakers in the NBA Finals where they will be taking on Dwight Howard and the Orlando Magic. He is one of the biggest bankable stars in the NBA, and that was definitely on the mind of 2K Sports when they decided to go with his selection. His jerseys sell out around the league, and he has so many fans that the hope is that this translates over to a higher number of units being sold. Hopefully the game has some more improvements to make it even better than NBA 2K9, but we still have a little while to wait.

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