New World Builds: Great Axe & Warhammer


The Whirlwind Great Axe & Warhammer Build centers around inflicting immense AOE damage, while crowd controlling and containing the opponent. It’s a PVE and PVP build, which isn’t only reliable in terms of questing and PVP, but also in expedition scenarios. It offers some of the highest AOE DPS in the game, and if you’re looking for something similar, then the following guide is perfect for you.

Working of the build

You’ll start off by utilizing Path of Destiny to attack the distant enemies before they close in and engage their target, for the New World Whirlwind. You will then use Gravity Well to trap the target and pull them together, followed by Charge to get you into the range of utilizing melee. After that, it’s all about using Maelstrom to AOE them, which is before swapping into your War Hammer and casting Shockwave to stun the targets, followed by Clear Out to send each one of them flying.

It’s a deadly combo, which more or less works the same in an expedition, as well as PVP scenarios. Besides being capable of withstanding and clearing medium to large groups, it also effectively works in 1 Vs 1 combat because Great Axe & Warhammer are both powerful weapons.


Both the weapons scale outstandingly with Strength, so that’s what you need to focus on to increase your overall damage for this New World Whirlwind. Since you’ll mostly be in a melee range, you will be getting hit more often so it’s also a wise decision to add some attribute points into the Constitution to increase the chances of survivability, for New World War Hammer.

Great Axe Skills


Charge allows you to close the gap between your target, and it’s a must-have skill for PVP battles. After you Gravity Well your target, you can utilize Charge to get in range and finish them off. It’s good to use against bosses you have moved away from your range or are attacking from a distance for the New World Great Axe.

Gravity Well

Gravity Well throws an axe, which then creates an orb to slow down and damage the target caught in it. It helps to group up the enemies so that you and your party members can AOE them down, and in PVP scenarios, it can help stop the opponent from escaping your grasp.


Maelstrom is the best AOE skill to have, and once you have upgraded it to its extent, then you can hit twice with the New World Great Axe. The best thing about this skill is that you don’t have to aim, you can use the skill without thinking while fighting an enemy who you can’t easily land a hit on.

Warhammer Skills

Path of Destiny

Path of Destiny isn’t that important to utilize, but you can opt for what you like. The reason why it’s on the list is that it permits you to AOE from a distance, while you approach closer and land hits on them. It offers a little more AGGRO than if you don’t utilize it.


Shockwave is another AOE taunt, which also stuns the enemy target, preventing from causing any unnecessary damage to the party members. It’s a good ability to utilize when you’re around by enemies full of AGGRO, as well as to gain distance to get back on track when the target is stunned.

Clear Out

Clear Out sends enemies flying backward and deals plenty of damage at the same time. It’s a good skill if you want to end your rotation as it permits you to single out a target while separating the other when there are multiple enemies attacking you. Being a part of the AOE category, the damage inflicted from a single attack is simply insane.

Weapons & Armor

The only two weapons you need to look out for in this build are a Great Axe and Hammer to maximize the damaging scale, for New World War Hammer. Don’t only look at the gear score because both the weapons scale with the Strength attribute. Besides that, look for Crit Chance, alongside Light & Heavy attack damage as Critical Hits are not always guaranteed when against an enemy. In the gem slot, you can consider adding an Emerald to increase the potential again on low health targets, or a Jasper to increase the damage after you’ve taken consecutive damage.

Considering Heavy Armor for this build is a good approach. Faction Reputation points aren’t hard to get, and it comes with a lot of added bonuses, so consider using the armor for early content when you haven’t still run an expedition. Heavy Armor allows you to heal through the damage when running an expedition or in PVP situations, and it also offers better protection than the other two variants, so consider wearing all the pieces.

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World of Warcraft TBC Skinning Levelling Guide


Skinning is of the primary profession category that allows you to skin scales, leather, or hides off the fallen corpses of mobs. It’s quite similar to real-life since you can only skin particular creatures, such as Dragonkin, Boards, Wolves, Nerubians, Silithid, and Humanoids. The materials that are obtained after Skinning can be used to make recipes for Leatherworkers to train their professions, and on occasions, the materials can also be used by Blacksmiths, Tailors, and Engineers.

TBC: Skinning Necessities

First off, visit your respective Skinning trainers and learn the art of Apprentice Skinning. Balthus Stoneflayer, located in Iron Forge (Alliance), and Thuwd, located in Orgrimmar (Horde) would be the best option to head towards. In any case, you are looking for their precise location, you can walk up to a central city guard and they’ll mark the location on your world map.

Don’t forget to purchase a Skinning Knife from any Leatherworking supply vendor, who can be found nearby your respective trainers, or you can try the general store vendors. You don’t have to equip the knife, and you just have to simply carry one in your bag, because without it, you won’t be able to skin the creature.

Enchanting your gloves with the Formula called Enchant Gloves Skinning is highly recommended, because that way, you can skin an enemy a level higher than where you currently stand. Also, note that if the mob is either red or orange, then a skill up is not guaranteed.

Levels 1 to 75

You cannot skin the beasts at the starting area because that place is basically for players with character levels 1 to 6, and you can’t have any profession until you reach level 5.

Horde: You can start at the Sen’Jin village, located in Duratar, and then make your way to Orgrimmar while skinning the beasts on your path. After that, visit your respective trainer and learn Journeyman Skinning.

Alliance: Start at level 1 by making a circle around the lake that is located near Iron Forge, and once you reach level 50, visit your respective trainer to learn Journeyman Skinning. You can continue to level your Skinning further after that by moving towards Loch Modan to reach level 75.

Levels 75 to 155

Horde: From level 75 onwards, skin the creatures that you find along the path to Camp Taurajo, and make sure that you’re at level 125 Skinning before reaching the camp. Locate Dranh there and learn the art of Expert Skinning. After that, head towards the direction of the Thousand Needles, while continuing to skin the creatures on the way.
Alliance: You need to follow the path that is shown in the picture until you have reached level 115 Skinning, and then you can change your direction and head towards the Wetlands. You may come across a few beasts nearby wetlands that you won’t be able to skin due to a lower professional level. Once you’re at 115, follow the river that can be seen in the picture, while skinning the creatures on the way to reach around level 140 Skinning by the time you reach the location called Menethil Harbor. After that, go to the Flight Master and fly to Iron Forge, where you will have to locate your respective trainer and learn the art of Expert Skinning. Now, fly back to the Wetlands and continue until level 155, for this wow TBC skinning guide.

Levels 155 to 205

Horde: To cover these levels, you must follow the path shown in the picture, and make sure that you have at least level 205 skinning before you leave the Thousand Needles region. After reaching the required level, head to Taanaris and fly to Camp Mojache, which is located in Feralas. You will find Kulleg Stonehorn there, who will be able to teach you the art of Artisan Skinning.

Alliance: From levels 155 to 170, you need to follow the path shown in the picture, and after that, you can head to the orange one from levels 170 to 205, as there are high-level raptors residing there. Once you’re at level 205 Skinning, travel to Iron Forge and learn the art of Artisan Skinning.

Levels 205 to 300

These levels can be covered by both the factions, where you have to skin mobs around Camp Mojache from levels 205 to 230. After that, travel to the Yeti Cave and follow the path shown on the map from levels 230 to 260 (skin along the way). If there’s someone farming the cave, you can head to the south region to kill Hippogryphs. Once you’re at level 260, start following the 260 to 280 paths, and then switch by flying to the Un’goro Crater to cover the rest of the levels from 280, for this skinning levelling guide.

The Burning Crusade

Since we are at the TBC section now, you can learn the Skinning skill from the Master Skinning trainers located in the Outlands. Horde faction players have to head to Thrallmar and locate Moorutu, whereas Alliance faction players have to head to the Honor Hold to locate Jelena Nightsky. Alternatively, both the factions can learn it from Seymour, who is located in Shattrath City, for this skinning levelling guide.

Levels 300 to 330

You can start by skinning the Starving Helboars that are wandering around Zeth’gor to cover the first five levels, and then switch to skinning Deranged Helboars to cover the next five. Once you’re at level 310, head to the final area shown on the map to start skinning Razorfang Hatchlings and Razorfang Ravagers until you reach level 330 Skinning, for this WoW TBC skinning guide.

Levels 330 to 375

Start by killing and skinning Clefthoofs and Talbuks as marked in the picture, until you reach level 360. After that, you can skin any mob in The Burning Crusade zones, so the rest is up to you to decide which path you’re going to choose to cover the rest of the levels. Good luck!

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What Are the Advantages of Each Class in World of Warcraft?

While playing World of Warcraft, I’ve pretty much discovered that each different class of character has select weaknesses and advantages which makes them great for different types of situations. Certain classes of characters tend to be better versus other players, and some classes tend to be really good versus the environment, or aggro and questing, etc.
My main character is a rogue, so I know quite a bit about them. Rogues are best for pvp, and they are definitely a character which were built in use for pvp. They’re great for pvp because of their stealth, surprise attacks, and stuns. They can take down targets before they even get the chance to attack back. Although these characters have light armor, they can take down anything in a small matter of time if you plan out your attacks correctly.

I’ve also played several hunters, in fact my first toon was a hunter. Hunters seem to be extremely great for pve, or for attacking the things in the environment. They’re extremely fast for leveling because their have their pets and can attack aggro after aggro without even being attacked. They’re fast for leveling, and great for pve. However, I’ve noticed that these toons do quite well in pvp as well, they’re definitely good for raiding because of their tracking. These toons are pretty much great in a few ways all together.

Warlocks are similar to hunters in almost everyway, they’re great for pve because of their summons, and are extremely fast leveling in comparison to a few other classes because of this fact. Warlocks are also great in pvp, and are normally one of the highest damage causers in a pvp match, especially arena where they can control their opponents in a much more effective manner.

Warriors in my mind are a class that are pretty much hard all together. They’re great for instances because they make some awesome tanks with the proper specs. But I find it extremely hard to level with warriors, and they’re decent in pvp. This is probably a bit bias though, I haven’t given warriors much of a chance.

Shamans seem to do well in both pve and pvp. They do well in pve because they can stop fighting, heal themselves, and continue taking down more aggro.

Druids are very similar to shamans, however it seems druids can have higher dps with different builds and specs before making it to the higher levels.

Mages are quite hard for pve. But they’re also killer in pvp, and especially in instances. They’re about the highest dps in the game, and are awesome because their can use mana to conjure their own food and water. This can save you and your party tons of money in the long run. If you can find a mage to make you some food and water, it’s definitely an awesome feeling. Mages are quite soft until like level 50, that’s when I think they start getting a bit easier to use. By soft I mean that they can’t take hits for anything. Once you get better gear they get a bit easier.

These are the main classes that I’ve had experience with. The other classes are less specific to me. I mean, I think that the remaining classes seem to be quite balanced and great for everything so long as you know how to use them properly.

One more tip; check out the wow armory to find the best equipment for your character at any given time! This is great for keeping your character geared fully.

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Making the Ultimate Runescape Pure Mage

Making a pure mage is harder then everyone says. Magic is one of the most expensive level there is, but If you follow my article, you too can make a successful pure mage.
The first thing you must do is make a new account on the Runescape homepage ( If you already have a account you want to train magic with, no problem). After you finish Tutorial Island with your new account, you’re ready to go. Go to the magic combat tutor and click claim, you will get 30 minds and airs. Wait for half an hour before trying to claim the runes again.

But before you claim, drop your existing runes and click claim, and then pick up the old ones. If you try to claim with the runes in your inventory or bank,
IT WILL NOT WORK! Keep on collecting these runes until it makes your fancy.

After you’ve collected a somewhat amount of runes, its time for your training. Train on scorpions in Al-kharid on top of the cliff, it gives good exp and the scorpions can’t attack you. After you have wasted all youMaking a pure mage is harder then everyone says. Magic is one of the most expensive level there is, but If you follow my article, you too can make a successful pure mage.

The first thing you must do is make a new account on the Runescape homepage ( If you already have a account you want to train magic with, no problem). After you finish Tutorial Island with your new account, you’re ready to go. Go to the magic combat tutor and click claim, you will get 30 minds and airs. Wait for half an hour before trying to claim the runes again.

But before you claim, drop your existing runes and click claim, and then pick up the old ones. If you try to claim with the runes in your inventory or bank, IT WILL NOT WORK! Keep on collecting these runes until it makes your fancy.

After you’ve collected a somewhat amount of runes, its time for your training. Train on scorpions in Al-kharid on top of the cliff, it gives good exp and the scorpions can’t attack you. After you have wasted all your runes, in comes the money issue.

I have three ways in getting money:

Beg for money. (Not a very wise choice though) Finish the stronghold of security (At the end, it gives you 10k).I recommend it. Ask your friends for money.
After you get around 15k, buy mage armor and a staff of your choice in varrock. Then buy 1k minds (Which are around 10 – 20gp each). And this time, instead of training on scorpions, go underground and train on Hill Giants behind stalagmites (If you don’t know were the Hill Gaints are, you’re a noob). Collect Big Bones to sell them later (For 400 each of course).

Train your magic until you have 35 so u can use fire bolt. After 35 magic, You are ready to PK. Sell the Big Bones and buy chaos’s and lobbies. Keep on doing this and you will have a successful mage pure.

Happy spell casting.

Arc Rise Fantasia Wii Review

Japanese RPGs offer a wide-range of gameplay varieties, but each one contains the expected character and storyline clichés that make a JRPG a JRPG. Arc Rise Fantasia is no different from previous JRPGs and that may be one of the games only strong suits. Despite having the name of Arc Rise Fantasia, everything found will remind RPGs veterans of the ‘Tales of…’ franchise and that’s not an unfounded feeling. Arc Rise Fantasia was designed by members of ‘Tales of…’ series and they have taken everything you have come to expect from that long-running series and translated into a new propriety known to us as Arc Rise Fantasia.
Arc Rise Fantasia offers the basic JRPG experience where you’ll have a predictable story, a world filled with magic, young romance, and a villain keen on taking over the world, ravaging the existence of the current populace and crowing himself as king of this new world order. A good story is one key element of a JRPG, but the story in place here is hard to digest. No matter how many RPGs you have played before it, the storyline here is laughable and it’s only worsened by the abysmal voiceovers. As the story opens itself to you, the more it becomes apparent that the developers either lost where they wanted to take the game’s storyline or they completely abandoned it and just left whatever ideas they had remaining and tied it all together for the game.

To make matters even more horrid, the voiceovers are atrocious. With a poor story and narrative already present, poor voiceovers only make the experience all the more pain inducing. Serious conversations are comical because the line delivery is so poorly conducted. The game would have greatly benefited from a Japanese voice over option with English subtitles. Even if the story been a strong component to the game, the voices would have detracted from it.

When the story of a JRPG is weak and fails to deliver, the last saving grace is the battle system. Arc Rise Fantasia has a fairly complex battle system that will cause mix reactions among players. Every member of your party draws AP (Action Points) from the same collective pool and these points allow you to perform all forms of actions — magic, attacks, and so on. This adds a small sense of strategy to the turn-based RPG combat formula, and gives off a small sense of freedom. You can use one member in battle and leave the rest of your party to wait around, or you can have your whole party defend and build up more AP and unleash a barrage of attacks on your next turn. The battle system’s complexity is further enhanced by having to watch your party members’ individual health and magic. The only thing in battle they share will be the AP, but having to watch AP, HP, and MP can be a bit overwhelming initially.

Now for the biggest fault of the game: normal battles are way too easy. You’ll run into enemies on the map and take care of them without breaking a sweat. Suddenly, you’ll reach a boss and you’ll be feeling good about yourself because nothing has presented much a challenge thus far and then you’ll find yourself beaten in seconds. The battle system is radically unbalanced and this creates a great sense of confusion because you’ll only find out you aren’t strong enough to beat the boss after you get tossed around like a rag-doll.

This, of course, leads to a couple hours of leveling grinding, and then you go back and beat the said boss. Aside from the boss battles, the normal run-of-the-mill enemies are so easy to beat you can virtually just button-mash your way through them. If the game had challenging normal enemies that properly prepared you for the upcoming boss, things would be a lot better. It’s not possible to gauge your strength on weak opponents and then only realize you aren’t strong after you get pummeled by the boss. With such an unbalance system here, battles get boring quickly and feel repetitive.

Arc Rise Fantasia is a tough game to classify. You may outright hate or you may find yourself enjoying it for what it is. However, most will find the boring story, terrible voiceovers, and unbalanced battles to be enough to damper the game experience. Compared to other RPGs, Arc Rise Fantasia falls short and comes off as a mediocre JRPG that could have used more time getting fine tuned and polished.